ESH policy

Samsung Electronics has established an Environment, Safety and Health (ESH) policy that complies rigorously with local and regional regulations and requirements wherever our production lines operate around the world. Through these efforts, Samsung Electronics is striving to preserve the surrounding environment and to share sustainable growth with local communities.

Samsung Electronics’ Environment, Safety & Health (EHS) Policy

Through our management philosophy that respects both people and nature, Samsung Electronics is striving to contribute toward the preservation of the environment, the prosperity of communities and the realization of sustainable growth.

1. Global Green Management System

Samsung Electronics operates a world-leading Green Management system both at domestic and global facilities by complying to safety regulations and applying strict internal maintenance standards

2. Product Stewardship throughout the Lifecycle

By developing products that are safe and are less of a burden to the environment, Samsung Electronics strives to fulfill its responsibility for its manufactured products throughout their lifespan, from raw materials to parts, development, manufacturing, distribution, usage and disposal.

3. Clean and Green Process

By utilizing optimal eco-friendly production technologies, Samsung Electronics strives to establish a green production process that minimizes the use of energy and natural resources, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions and other materials which harm the environment.

4. Create Accident-free Facilities

By eliminating risk factors in advance, Samsung Electronics seeks to establish facilities that prioritize employee health and safety. Each Samsung facility also strives to recycle resources through resource recovery processes.

5. Preservation of Local Environment around the Globe

By expanding activities to preserve the local environment and communities, and to counteract global warming, Samsung Electronics provides transparent account of its Green Management practices and results to all stakeholders.