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Employee education

Samsung Electronics has established an educational system for the entire company that touches on all aspects of the environment including products and facilities. It includes diverse employee educational opportunities such as basic environmental awareness, legal education and job-specific education to cultivate a common ground and to instill a Green Management mindset in all employees.

Basic Education

By sharing its Green Management strategies and value system to raise the fundamental environmental awareness, Samsung Electronics is educating all of its employees in the basic concepts of Green Management.

Legal Education

Samsung Electronics is conducting environmental and safety education to foster a healthy and safe working environment for all employees. We ensure our educational programs to meet the safety education requirements and regulations established in all regional and local communities around the world

Job Education

Samsung Electronics is implementing performance education in various areas including environmental management, product environment, and energy reduction, in order to foster experts and to strengthen employee capacities in individual duties and functions.

Green Management Education Chart

Classification Employee Executive Overseas Employee
BASIC EDUCATION Basic Awareness e-Learning Education, distribution of newsletter
Entry / Promotion Entry Per Level / Promotion Education
LEGAL EDUCATION Regular Education General Quarterly Safety Education
Managing Director Safety Maintenance
Job Safety Job Safety Education
Emergency Countermeasures Emergency Countermeasure Education
JOB EDUCATION Environment Management Environment Management Systems
Product Environment Environmentally friendly products, green purchasing
environmentally friendly supply chain management
Energy Energy Management Climate Change
Energy Management
Health & Safety Health & Safety Safety,
Health & Safety
Expert Course Green Management Leader