Management committee

A sharp increase in the number of Independent Directors made it difficult for the Company to convene Board meetings as often as is needed. Therefore, the Company set up committees under the Board in accordance with relevant laws and delegated some of the Board authority to the committees, each of which is filled with Directors who can bring their expertise and experience to the assigned committee.

Board committees, established and operating in accordance with Article 28-2 of Articles of Incorporation, are as set forth:

  • Management Committee
  • Audit Committee
  • Independent Director Recommendation Committee
  • Related Party Transactions Committee
  • Compensation Committee
  • CSR Committee

Each agenda approved by board committees is instantly notified to all Directors, and each Director may call for the convocation of Board meetings within two days from the notice. The Board of Directors may put the resolutions approved by the committees for voting at the Board meeting.

(1) General Description

The Management Committee is a committee under the Board of Directors that deliberates and decides matters either delegated by the Board of Directors, or specified in the Articles of Incorporation or in the Regulation of the Board of Directors with the aim of enhancing professionalism and efficiency in decision-making.

(2) Composition

The Management Committee shall comprise at least two but no more than ten Directors, who are appointed by resolution at the Board meeting, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

Currently, the committee consists of four Executive Directors.

Management Committee Members
Oh-Hyun Kwon
(CEO, Head of the committee)
Boo-Keun Yoon Jong-Kyun Shin Sang-Hoon Lee
(3) Operation of the Management Committee

There are two types of Board Meetings:

  • a. Regular Board Meetings : Generally held four times a year (every quarter a year)
  • b. Extraordinary Board Meeting : Held whenever deemed necessary
Convening of Meetings

The Head shall call meetings and notify the members and other participants of the meeting time and place at least 24 hours in advance.

Method of Resolution

The presence of the majority of all Directors shall constitute a quorum for a meeting of the Board of Directors and the resolutions of the Board of Directors shall be adopted by a majority of the votes of the Directors attending the meeting; provided that Board meetings may take place via electronic means, such as conference call, within the scope provided by relevant laws.


While reviewing and deciding agendas at hand, the committee may call in management officers, executives or outside figures, involved in the issues at hand, for their explanation or opinions.

(4) Authority of the Management Committee

In accordance with relevant laws and regulations, the Management Committee shall deliberate and decide the following matters:

  • Development of annual or mid-to-long-term management plans and strategies of the Company
  • Establishment of major business strategies
  • Promotion of cooperation with foreign companies, including strategic partnership
  • Acquisition or sale of domestic/overseas subsidiaries
  • Conclusion of technology inducement agreement, technology transfer, and technological partnership
  • Basic operating principles
  • Determination and change of basic principles concerning salary, bonus and welfare system
  • Issuance of bonds
  • Facility investment, etc.
(5) Activities
17 September, 2014
Agenda Results
Bid for real estate purchase Approved
S.LSI investment Approved
Establishment of overseas marketing corporate entity Approved
13 August, 2014
Agenda Results
Stake acquisition Approved
Memory investment Approved
31 July, 2014
Agenda Results
Stake acquisition Approved
Patent license agreement Approved
16 July, 2014
Agenda Results
Stake acquisition Approved
Stake acquisition Rejected
LED investment Approved
3 June, 2014
Agenda Results
Patent license agreement Approved
Closing of shareholder register for interim dividend Approved
14 May, 2014
Agenda Results
Increased the limit on trade finance Approved
Exercise of voting rights for merger with affiliates Approved
Donation Approved
19 March, 2014
Agenda Results
Stake sales of Samsung Bluewings Approved
19 February, 2014
Agenda Results
Technology license agreement Approved
Liquidation of a subsidiary Approved
20 January, 2014
Agenda Results
Patent license agreement Approved
Patent license agreement Approved
Entry into production base in the Republic of South Africa Approved
Product donation to Chung-nam Samsung Institute Approved