508 Compliance

SAMSUNG Electronics America supports Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and the efforts of the federal government in making mainstream technology accessible to people with disabilities. SAMSUNG is committed to assisting its customers in complying with Section 508 requirements.

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Smart TV Internet Security

Samsung takes a number of steps to protect its Internet-compatible Smart TVs against unauthorized incursions and hacking.
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VPAT Compliance

The Voluntary Product Accessibility Tool (VPAT) is a simple, Internet-based tool to assist contracting and procurement officials in satisfying the new market research requirements contained in Section 508.

Samsung 508 Certified Products
Model Product Download Certification in PDF
CLP-610ND Color Laser Printer VPAT Form_CLP610ND
CLP-660ND Color Laser Printer VPAT Form_CLP660ND
CLP-770ND Color Laser Printer VPAT Form_CLP770ND
CLP-775 Color Laser Printer VPAT Form_CLP775ND
CLX-3175FN Color Laser Multifunction Printer VPAT Form_CLX3175FN
CLX-6220FX Color Laser Multifunction Printer VPAT Form_CLX6220FX
CLX-6240FX Color Laser Multifunction Printer VPAT Form_CLX6240FX
CLX-8540ND Color Laser Multifunction Printer VPAT Form_CLX8540ND
CLX-9201NA Color Laser Multifunction Printer VPAT Form_CLX-9201NA
CLX-9251NA Color Laser Multifunction Printer VPAT Form_CLX-9251NA
CLX-9301NA Color Laser Multifunction Printer VPAT Form_CLX-9301NA
M2070FW Multi-Function Laser Printer VPAT Form_M2070FW
ML-2851ND Monochrome Laser Printer VPAT Form_ML2851ND
ML-3471ND Monochrome Laser Printer VPAT Form_ML3471ND
ML-3712ND Monochrome Laser Printer ML-3712-VPAT
ML-4050ND Monochrome Laser Printer ML-4050-VPAT
Monochrome Laser Printer VPAT Form_ ML-4512ND, ML-4512ND/TAA
ML-5012ND Monochrome Laser Printer ML-5012-VPAT
ML-5512ND Monochrome Laser Printer ML-5512-VPAT
SCX-5530FN Monochrome Laser Multifunction Printer VPAT Form_SCX5530FN
SCX-5739FW Monochrome Laser Multifunction Printer VPAT Form_SCX5739FW
SCX-5835FN Monochrome Laser Multifunction Printer SCX_5835FN-VPAT
SCX-6322DN Monochrome Laser Multifunction Printer VPAT Form_SCX6322DN
SCX-6345N Monochrome Laser Multifunction Printer VPAT Form_SCX6345N
SCX-6545N Monochrome Laser Multifunction Printer SCX_6545N-VPAT
SCX-8040ND Monochrome Laser Multifunction Printer SCX-8040ND-VPAT.PDF

Zero Client Displays
Model Product Download Certification in PDF
NB-NH Zero Client Stand NB Series Cloud Stand VPAT.pdf
NC Series Zero Client Displays NC Series Cloud Displays VPAT.pdf
NX-N2-T NX-N2-T Zero Client Desktop NX-Series-Cloud-Stand-VPAT-2014.pdf
Model Product Download Certification in PDF
NP600B4C NP600B4C Series NP600B4C Series VPAT.PDF
XE700T1A Series 7 Slate Slate-VPAT
XE700T1A-A09US Samsung Series 7 SLATE Series 7 Slate VPAT.pdf
XE700T1C Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro Tab7 Series Smart PC Pro Tab 7.pdf
Chrome Devices
Model Product Download Certification in PDF
XE303C12 Series 3 Chromebook Series 3 Chromebook VPAT


SAMSUNG mobile computers and monitors are rated Silver or higher by EPEAT, a green electronics rating system that lets purchasers evaluate the environmental attributes of computer equipment.

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RoHS compliance

All SAMSUNG monitors and notebooks are RoHS compliant, which restricts the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. SAMSUNG prides itself on meeting the toughest environmental standards in the world as represented by RoHS criteria.

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Energy Star

At SAMSUNG, our IT products, desktop monitors, printers and mobile computers meet Energy Star requirements. With our energy-efficient products and practices government agencies can reduce energy consumption, power costs, and help the environment at the same time.

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Wireless Products and Accessibility

Samsung is dedicated to designing mobile devices to meet a variety of needs of persons with disabilities. Samsung has a number of phones that have been designed, tested and certified to potentially improve performance for users with hearing aids. Also, Samsung offers a number of mobile phones with voice recognition capabilities. Other accessibility features available in most Samsung mobile phones include, but are not limited to: Speakerphone, vibrating alert, tactile keys, nibs on or around the "5" key, soft keys and bright backlit display.

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